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    175, Sanasa-gil Okcheon-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do

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Sansuhwa Building: Walk in nature accompanied by chirping birds and water
  • Sansuhwa refers to oriental paintings of nature with mountains and rivers. Sansuhwa Building together with the path along the little stream surrounding the building offers great scenery to take the best shot with the nature of Korea as backdrop.

    Across the stream path are a variety of trees such as lilacs, Korean pine trees, plum-leaved apple trees, and azaleas, with colorful flowers including gentians, peonies, royal azaleas, and liriopes filling the garden. As different flowers are planted based on the season, gorgeous flowers are there anytime in spring, summer, and autumn. A mini-windmill, a heart-shaped bench, and other tiny pretty sculptures also ensure that the pictures you take are nothing but lovely.

  • As the designated photo zone of the garden, Sansuhwa Building is full of various props like cone hat, hair bands, teddy bears, mini-Pinocchio, and tiny chairs. Families with children, couples, and friends can take fun photos against such backdrop. Just note that shoes should be removed before entering here unlike in other places.

    Outside Sansuhwa Building runs a fierce stream from the mountain at the back. The clear sound seems to wash off even the ears. Situated at the highest ground of the Greem, the spot offers an unhindered view of the garden, and the benches on the side provide a place to chat or relieve stress. There is an accessible ramp prepared for the elderly and disabled. A promenade is set to be made in 2020, leading to the mountain at the back for visitors to enjoy more of nature.