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    328-2, Mangwol-dong, Hanam-si

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Hanam Arboretum

Hanam Arboretum is better known as Tree Orphanage. The arboretum has treated more than 6,000 trees that were abandoned or damaged, and sent them back to the arms of the community. Trees that were neglected at construction sites where roads or apartments are built are given a second life at Hanam Arboretum. The arboretum brings diseased trees back to health by treating them with oriental herbs, saw dust, organic fertilizer and various nutrients, transforming them into landscaping trees. More than 1,000 trees were born again at the arboretum and planted along the riverside trail in the Misa District of Hangang River. Zelkovas that were discarded at construction sites were replanted along city streets after they were put through a three-year rehabilitation process. Starting with 750 trees in 2007, 130 of them were rehabilitated and replanted along promenades of the Hangang River in 2008, and the number of relocated trees totaled over 1,000 by 2009. Many government organizations and other groups have shown interest in purchasing trees from Hanam Arboretum because the prices are reasonable. The arboretum, where over 13,000 trees of 39 kinds are thriving, is one of the most popular places where citizens of Hanam City come and relax and is an excellent venue for environmental education.