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    33-58, Cheongo-ro, Oseong-myeon, Pyeongtaek-si

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Natural Theme Botanical Garden

Natural Theme Botanical Garden is located within the Pyeongtaek-si Agriculture Development Technical Center. The botanical garden, which opened on December 29, 2001, consists of a 880㎡ glass greenhouse and a vinyl greenhouse. The garden showcases 5,200 samples of plant species from 161 varieties in three different halls. The Indigenous Plants Hall exhibits trees, shrubs, flowering plants, ferns, and herbs. Fifty five kinds of semi-tropical succulent plants, including palm trees, coconut trees and banana trees can be seen in the Tropical Plants Hall. On display in the third hall are ponds, miniature waterfalls, stone lamps, jangdokdae (traditional Korean pottery for food storage), and byeongpungseok (decorative grave site walls), mangbuseok (stone sculpture of a legendary wife who turned into stone after waiting patiently for years for her husband to return home), mulgyeseok (plant-growing stone artwork), rare plants, and home gardening tools. The garden is open all year around. For a guided group tour, please make a reservation beforehand. Facilities associated with the botanical garden include experimental fields, Dream Hill, and an agricultural equipment repair training center.