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Heritage Samgang Memorial Gate of Seoheung Kim’s Clan


Samgang Memorial Gate of Seoheung Kim’s Clan1
Samgang Memorial Gate of Seoheung Kim’s Clan2
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    San 96, Wolhyang-ri, Gosam-myeon, Anseong-si

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Samgang Memorial Gate of Seoheung Kim’s Clan

This memorial gate was built to honor the moral virtues displayed by four members of Seoheung Kim’s clan, loyalty of Kim Chung-su, filial piety of his son Kim Ham, and fidelity of the two ladies of the clan. According to historical records, Kim Chung-su commanded a righteous army at a combat with Japanese troops that invaded Korea (then Joseon) in 1592 and raided his hometown Juksan in Ansan. Sadly, however, his army was overpowered, resulting in his capture by the enemy. His son Kim Ham, who was also fighting alongside his father, penetrated the enemy position to rescue his father, only to be caught and killed along with his father. The patriotic deeds of the father and the son moved two rulers of the Joseon Dynasty -- King Seonjo (r. 1567-1608) and King Sukjong (r. 1674-1720) -- to build memorial gates in 1606 and 1700, respectively, honoring the filial piety of Kim Ham and the loyalty of Kim Chung-su. Meanwhile, one of Kim Ham’s granddaughters and two daughters killed themselves to preserve their fidelity when they were being pursued by enemy soldiers during the Manchurian invasion of Joseon in 1636. Their virtuous deeds were honored with a memorial gate erected in 1740. Another memorial gate was set up in 1737 to honor the virtuous deed of a lady of Seoheung Kim’s clan, wife of Kim Ik-seong, who killed herself after her husband died of illness despite her devoted care and who was childless.