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    Heyri Artvalley, Beopheung-ri, Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

ByeokBong Korea Jewelry Museum: Refined beauty
  • The museum was established by Master Kim Young-hi (intangible cultural heritage Gyeonggi No. 18) to make the crafts of the royals and nobles from the Joseon Dynasty accessible to the public.

    Sessions are available on the first floor for visitors to make bracelets and rings themselves using natural jewelry as well as the traditional knot-tying method, offering a chance to create unique ornaments for only KRW 10,000 - 50,000.

    The permanent exhibition hall on the basement showcases the works of Master Kim and the ornaments of the family of King Yeong-chin, the last crown prince of Korea. The king was taken to Japan by force at 11, where he got married. The following year, the couple had a son, came back to Korea, and had a traditional Korean wedding ceremony. Master Kim restored the jewelry used for the royal event, including a jade band used by King Yeong-chin, a colorful norigae ornament, and a hairpin in the shape of a phoenix.

  • Moreover, the hall displays ornaments made of various precious stones such as crystal, coral, and amber, alongside stones in different groups; thus demonstrating the beauty of the jewelry as well as the processing and gem-restoring skills.

    Note that the ornament experience session takes about half an hour, and the charge includes the material cost.