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    441-25, Witbaeuni-gil Jeokseong-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Sanmeoru Farm: The taste of wine loaded with deep aroma
  • Practicing eco-friendly agriculture for four decades, the winery owns S. Korea’s only underground wine maturing tunnel, producing wines made of wild grapes harvested from Jeokseong-myeon in Paju. Some wineries do use caves or tunnels to store wine, but Sanmeoru Farm is the only place that runs the wine storage designed by the operator itself to control temperature and humidity sensitively.

    Compared to normal grapes, wild grapes are only about 2/3 in size but sweeter and packed with 10 times more calcium, phosphorus, iron, and various minerals. A wine produced here, Meoru de seo, is famed for the harmonious combination of fruity, chocolate, and vanilla aromas to produce the best taste.

  • The farm offers different experience programs: winery tour to taste wild grape wine and explore the wine maturing tunnel; harvesting; and wild grape chocolate and jam making. The most popular one is “making my own wine,” which allows one to attach a personal label to the bottle into which personally made wine is put.