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    175, Sanasa-gil Okcheon-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do

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Suchaehwa Building: Fantastic combination of scenery, coffee, and cake
  • A cafe where visitors can exchange their tickets with beverages and purchase imported household goods. Mark your desired drink on the back of the ticket and present it to the staff. Options include coffee, herbal tea, fruit juice, honey tea, and ice cream. Tiramisu and cheesecakes are available, too. Enjoy the picturesque garden and spend a sweet time.

    Being loved by many, the space may be a bit noisy with no empty seats. To find a quieter place, take out the drink and have a walk, visit the Sketch Building opposite the caf?, or take a seat on the small bench at the back of Punggyeonghwa Building (Management Facility).

  • Visitors who wish to have a souvenir of the Greem can purchase accessories such as hats and scarves in front of Suchaehwa Building or wine, glasses, mini-flower pots, and aromatics inside the building at affordable prices.

    *Tip: If you fancy sweet desserts other than cake, deluxe sand crackers are recommended. The famous imported snack is hard to find in the market but is available here at a relatively affordable price.