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    175, Sanasa-gil Okcheon-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do

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Entrance: Picturesque houses, picturesque scenery
  • Housing both a pretty arboretum and a cafe, the Greem has been shaped into what it is today by a landscaper who hoped to share the beauty of his personal garden with many others.

    The ticket purchased at the ticket booth entitles the buyer to admission and complimentary drink. Thus, visitors can either get a beverage at Suchaehwa (Watercolor Painting) Building first and enjoy it together with the scenery or choose to take photos first and then exchange it with something to quench their thirst.

    A must-visit place is the Greenhouse Plants Experience Hall, where flowers bloom across all seasons.

  • Bouquets and accessories such as hats are available for photo takers to capture images that match the names and colors of flowers. The Greem's iconic facilities include Suchaehwa (Watercolor Painting), Sansuhwa (Landscape Painting), and Sketch Buildings, but don't skip the red clay room made up of wood and red clay, the restrooms that looks like a special separate room of a garden, the fairytale kingdom for children, and the parrot that says Anyeong ("hello" in Korean).

    The not-so-large garden takes about half an hour to explore, but locating the filming spots of dramas starring Song Joong-ki and Lee Min Ho may require longer time.