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Heritage Namhansanseong


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    731, Namhansanseong-ro, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Jisudang: A tranquil pavilion above a pond
  • Namhansanseong is about 12 km (7.5 miles) long, housing some 200 cultural heritage. Most of the buildings are military-related in one way or another, but Jisudang is an exception. Built by Yi Se-hwa in 1672, the pavilion was visited by officials who wanted to enjoy fishing.

    It is said that there was another pavilion opposite Jisudang, dubbed Gwaneojeong (meaning “stepping onto a pavilion to see and enjoy fish.” By this, one can imagine that the officials at the time amused themselves by fishing at the lake or by writing poems or listening to music about fish.

  • Still, even this seemingly peaceful place has traces of the invasion of the foreign army. Near Jisudang and at the back of the Gwaneojeong site is a gravestone standing in memory of the achievements made by Seo Heun-nam during the war. Born and raised as a slave, Seo dressed as a beggar to go about the Qing soldiers and collect intelligence when the fortress lost contact with the outside world and it was besieged by foreign troops in 1637.

    The movie the Fortress, which depicts the story surrounding Namhansanseong during the invasion, also features a figure inspired by Seo. It is not allowed to enter into Jisudang Pavilion, but there are tall trees lined with little benches and promenades in between prepared for visitors. Right next to it are restaurants as well as a store for the hungry.