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Heritage Namhansanseong


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    731, Namhansanseong-ro, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Sueojangdae: With a sad story and a graceful view
  • Jangdae from Sueojangdae refers to a tall building made for a commander-in-chief to stand on the highest place and control the army to guard against alien attacks. Thus, Sueojangdae is located on the highest ground of the fortress, between the West Gate and the South Gate. As a facility on the west, it is also known as Seojangdae (west jangdae). There were originally five jangdaes in Namhansanseong, but only one remains today.

    With the design that is most magnificent among the buildings in Namhansanseong and an unhindered view of the fortress and Seoul City, Sueojangdae is one of the most visited spots. Especially the night view of S. Korea’s capital, which is filled with glittering lights, is famous for the splendor.

  • In the yard of Sueojangdae is a stone engraved with letters that read “Sueoseodae.” Also called “hawk stone” or “general stone,” it relates to a story of the late Yi Hoe, who died after being falsely accused of embezzling the construction funds of the fortress. It is said that, when he was beheaded, a hawk flew over, perched on the stone, and left clear footprints. They are now gone, but the mysterious story has long attracted many who worshiped and made wishes to the stone. It is still open to who those who have wishes and dreams.