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    332-17, Geumil-ro, Iljuk-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do

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Lawn Plaza: A lawn park amid 500 pine trees
  • Seoil Farm makes its traditional pastes, sauces and pickled vegetables with organic ingredients that it cultivates itself, including fruit at its pear and Japanese apricot orchard, and vegetables such as beans and red chili peppers. As the farm cultivates its fruit and vegetables organically public access to the orchards and fields is restricted. However, the rest of the farm is open to the public.

    The farm is also known for its beautiful seasonal views - particularly plum blossoms and Satsuki azaleas in spring, water hyacinths and lotus flowers in summer, and Pink Muhly Grass and cosmos flowers in autumn - which attract many visitors seeking memorable photo opportunities.

  • The farm has also been used as a shooting in a number of TV dramas. The Haneul Plaza, a large playground surrounded by pines, is a popular place for children, especially in spring and autumn. However, visitors are not permitted to cook or bring any food, other than simple beverages, here. Situated next to the Haneul Plaza is a smaller plaza called Cheonji Plaza, which is fenced with white Satsuki azaleas. You can enjoy a pleasant stroll along the walking path, which extends from the two plazas to the Jangdokdae Observatory. Please note that no pets, scooters or bikes are allowed on the path.