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Natural Beauty Harmony of Nature and People in Hwadam Botanic Garden


Harmony of Nature and People in Hwadam Botanic Garden1
Harmony of Nature and People in Hwadam Botanic Garden2
Harmony of Nature and People in Hwadam Botanic Garden3
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    278-1, Docheogwit-ro Docheok-myeon, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do

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Bonsai Garden & Rock Garden: The Best View of The Whole Garden!
  • Bonsai refers to the replanting of a tree in a smaller pot, which requires a number of techniques, creativity, and a refined aesthetic sensibility. Regarded as the top photo spot in the seventeen sections of the Hwadam Botanic Garden, the Bonsai Garden contains diverse flowers, trees, ponds, and small gardens.

    Picturesque scenes unfold here in autumn, especially with the passing monorail. Even with round-trip tickets, visitors are recommended to take a walk from here.

  • About 300 bonsai plants ranging from 30 to 120 years old are on display here. The storage facility contains amazing rocks and bonsai plants in almost the exact same shape but much smaller size of Jeongbang Falls in Jeju, Jaunbong Peak of Mt. Dobongsan, Oksunbong Peak of Mt. Wolaksan, Uiam Rock of Chokseongnu Pavilion, Ipseokdae Rock Columns of Mt. Mudeungsan, Janggunbong Peak of Mt. Juwangsan, Seoraebong Peak of Mt. Naejangsan and Chilseongbong Peak of Mt. Daedunsan. Attached to the pots are tags showing the ages of the trees. The full age of each tree is given on the left, while its age when replanted as a bonsai is on the right. Under the storage is the Eco Cave, which was named thus because of the echos generated when songs are sung there.

    The path leading from the Bonsai Garden connects to the Rock Garden. Colorful flowers create beautiful scenery together with a lake fountain. There are chairs prepared for spectators to enjoy the view fully.