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Natural Beauty The Garden of Morning Calm


The Garden of Morning Calm1
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    432, Sumogwon-ro Sang-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do

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Pond Garden: Shooting of the K-drama Love in the Moonlight
  • This garden with a traditional Korean pond is called Seohwayeon, which means "garden in the beautiful light of dawn." As if embraced by the mountain, the garden is nestled in an encompassed site, offering picturesque views of the changing seasons, mountain, flowers, plants, and pond. Certain scenes from the popular K-drama Love in the Moonlight, starring Park Bo Gum and Kim You Jung, were filmed here.

    The scenic landscape of the garden added a romantic mood to the first meeting scene of the soap opera. Why not pose against the background of the pavilion and the garden just like the actor and actress did?

  • If you walk a little farther along the hill in the pond garden you will come to the Korean Garden with its traditional Korean houses.

    You can sit on the main floor of the hanok (traditional Korean house of the nobility) and enjoy the view of the garden, the chimes of the wind bell, and the beauty of the house. Located a little further uphill from the Korean Garden is a thatched-roof hut, the traditional dwelling of poor commoners.