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    369, Pilseung-ro, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

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After Unification: A Unified Korean Peninsula and the Future of Unification
  • The benefits of unification of the Korean Peninsula are presented in a variety of graphs and drawings. This hall shows the future potential of unification, which could bring an end to the heavy financial burden of national division, generate huge economic gains, and usher in numerous social and cultural benefits.

    The main message is that national unification will bring new opportunities to develop the country’s tourism resources all the way from Mount Baekdusan in the North to Hallasan in the South, to grow through democracy into a stronger country with better human rights, and to achieve lasting peace and prosperity for all citizens.

  • In particular, the display titled “Unified Korean Peninsula Linked to the World” on the far right of the exhibition showcases the potential of the Korean Peninsula in terms of culture and economy, driven by vertical/horizontal railway lines stretching to Mongolia, China, Russia and Europe, which are to be built after reunification.

    The map explains that the addition of the Korean Peninsula to Eurasian railway destinations will promote interaction and exchanges between the North and South as well as economic exchanges between the two Koreas with their neighboring countries. Note that the railways crossing the Korean Peninsula are marked as “TKR” and observe how the line connects Seoul, Busan, Mokpo in the South; Pyeongyang, Sinuiju, Hasan, Wonsan and Jejin in the North; and the two Koreas with neighboring countries.