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    369, Pilseung-ro, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

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My Dear Homeland: Paintings Based on Memory
  • The small tiles covering the walls of the exhibition room on the second floor are paintings by North Korean refugees of their hometowns.

    Artworks depicting a stream running in front of an old house, the roads of a town, the writing of a neighbor's address, and the letter of a wife written on behalf of her late husband, who passed away without seeing his much-missed hometown, show just how these people longed to see their hometowns. As the world's only divided country, Korea has many separated and scattered families, although their number is declining over time. Established to console their feelings, the Odusan Unification Observatory is a must-visit destination for anyone who wants to learn more about the nation’s painful situation.

  • On the right of the exhibition hall is the “Aromas of Unification” display, which features reproductions of the typical scents of various towns in North Korea. There are five basic aromas including wild berries in summer, pine trees on the Daedong River, corn in the North, the sea off Haeju, and sweet briers.

    These visual and olfactory representations of the intense yearnings of the dispersed families and their sincere hope for reunification provide visitors with a uniquely special experience.