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Natural Beauty The Botanical Garden BCJ (Byeokchoji)


The Botanical Garden BCJ (Byeokchoji)1
The Botanical Garden BCJ (Byeokchoji)2
The Botanical Garden BCJ (Byeokchoji)3
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    242, Buheung-ro, Gwangtan-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

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Space of Contemplation: Rest in Forest, A Space for Romantic Contemplation
  • This space designed for contemplation and reflection is full of moss-covered rocks, small streams, and lush trees. The space is recommended for people who want to relax and escape their busy schedule. Walk amid the sunlight among romantic trees and enjoy the pleasant the chirping of birds and the stream running around the rocks.

    Are you tired after strolling along the long promenade? Why not lie on a small bench under the shade of a tree and get some rest. Signs reading “slower and even slower” in Korean placed in the corners of the forest will greet you as well.

  • To discover the pleasure of romantic contemplation that comes after emptiness, slowness and understanding, one should bend one’s head and slowly look around. And that is the moment when the signs are found.

    Follow the promenade at an ever slower pace as if making the slowest effort to reach one’s goal until the most spectacular view welcomes the audience.