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Natural Beauty The Botanical Garden BCJ (Byeokchoji)


The Botanical Garden BCJ (Byeokchoji)1
The Botanical Garden BCJ (Byeokchoji)2
The Botanical Garden BCJ (Byeokchoji)3
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    242, Buheung-ro, Gwangtan-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

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Space of Anticipation: A Walk in the Garden Filled with Flowers and Plants
  • The first space in the Botanical Garden BCJ welcomes visitors with a variety of strolling experiences through gardens from East and West, and along tranquil forest paths.

    Colorful flowers and neatly-arranged plants in the carefully groomed garden catch the eye. There are three trails available in the Garden of Queen, Bitsolwon, Hagyeongwon, which are full of flowers and plants representing the four seasons of Korea.

  • Korean gardens do not simply contain plants but incorporate artificial hills, ponds, and architectures. So, it is recommended that visitors pay attention to the fountains and rocks dispersed around the promenades as well.

    Moreover, it is recommended to follow the order given in the guide to appreciate the trails of the Botanical Garden BCJ fully. Remember to take one of the tour guide leaflets from the entrance at the rear of Space of Anticipation.