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    167-29, Gyeongchung-daero 2697beon-gil, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

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Toya Education Center & Torak Class: Creative Activities
  • These facilities offer fun activities for the public rather than dedicated ceramic students. Diverse programs including one-day classes, exhibition tours and activity packages are available. As advance reservation is unnecessary, anyone who applies on the spot can, with the assistance of an instructor, create their own colorful ceramic artwork, which is then dried, glazed and fired in a kiln, and delivered to the participant’s home as a truly special and lasting souvenir. No worries over a lack of gift in ceramic making.

  • Usually, the participants make plates or mugs by forming an outline with clay, shaping it, and then adding the details such as color to finish it.

    This hands-on experience activity with clay helps improve one’s concentration, creativity and emotional development by stimulating the senses, making it a wonderful experience for children. Reservation is recommended for groups. Fee: KRW 10,000 - 20,000.