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    167-29, Gyeongchung-daero 2697beon-gil, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

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Information Board (Seolbong Park): Dreaming of a ceramic utopia
  • Icheon Cerapia is one of the museums established by the Korea Ceramic Foundation, along with Yeosu Dojasesang and Gonjiam Ceramic Park. Cerapia, a composite of ceramic and utopia, is the name of a new concept of ceramic theme park linked to Seolbong Park. Here, everything from the restrooms, benches, building interiors to the exterior designs, playgrounds, and sculptures is ceramic.

  • The main facilities include the World Ceramic Center (main building), which houses artists’ studios and art shops, the Ceramic Support Center, which contains a cafeteria and a ceramic library, and the Torak Class for ceramic experience activities. Some works of 30 ceramic by artists from Korea and overseas are displayed around Cerapia. The creativity inherent in these works, all of which can be touched and captured in photos, is very impressive.

    Big Toya, the emblematic ceramic character of Cerapia, stands at the entrance to Cerapia, not far from the ceramic exhibition and retail center run by Icheon City, while Doriwon, where visitors can learn tea etiquette and enjoy a cup of tea, is located under Sori Tree. Parking is free of charge. Restrooms are located at the entrance to Garosu-gil and in front of the Ceramic Support Center, while the Tourism Information Center is at the entrance to Garosu-gil. Free Wi-Fi is not available. The Korean restaurant in the basement of the Ceramic Support Center is open to visitors as well.