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    5-15, Haegok-ro, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do

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Recumbent Buddha: The world’s largest wooden recumbent Buddha
  • Yeolbanjeon Hall of Waujeongsa Temple is enshrined with the largest recumbent Buddha in the world. This recumbent Buddha, which is twelve meters long and three meters high, has been registered as the world’s largest wooden recumbent Buddha in the Guinness Book of Records. The statue was hewn from one large piece juniper wood.

    It is said that when an Indian monk, who was practicing asceticism at Borobudur Temple in Indonesia, heard of the establishment of Waujeongsa Temple, he sent the juniper wood to Korea. The recumbent Buddha signifies the complete state of nirvana. His relaxing smile makes one feel peaceful.

  • The Pagoda of Peace and the Pagoda of Unification flank Yeolbanjeon Hall. If you walk up the road on the left of the hall, you will see stone towers made with stones from sacred Buddhist lands sent by Buddhists from the world. It is a very popular photo zone among tourists.

    If you follow the staircase between the Pagoda of Peace and the Pagoda of Unification you will come to a lovely golden statue of Sakyamuni Buddha, which was made in Nepal with donations of Nepalese people living in Korea and sent to Waujeongsa Temple. This Sakyamuni Buddha statue holding an alms bowl is well worth a look as it is quite different from Korean statues.