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    5-15, Haegok-ro, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do

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Waujeongsa Temple: The most beautiful temple selected by netizens
  • There are a couple of sayings about the origin of this temple’s name. First, it is said to have been named Waujeongsa, which literally means ‘a temple (jeongsa) on which a cow (u) lies (wa)’, because it is located on Yeonhwasan Mountain, which is said to resemble a cow. Second, it is said that the name derives from the original name of Buddha Gautama (meaning ‘cow’) Siddhartha.

    Waujeongsa Temple is well known for having the largest wooden statue of a recumbent Buddha in the world, as well as a giant Buddha’s Head.

  • It also contains countless Buddhist relics including the Bell of Unification, the Buddha Triad (made of blue jade), the Statue of Sakyamuni practicing asceticism (made of white jade), Five Hundred Stone Arhats, and the Sakyamuni Statue brought to Korea by a Nepalese Buddhist.

    The temple is also home to the World Buddhist Museum, which displays over 3,000 Buddhist statues from around the world, the Emerald Reliquary of Buddha, and the Pagoda of Unification, which was made with stones brought from sacred Buddhist lands, including Baekdusan Mountain and the Himalayas, by high priests and believers in Buddhism. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful seasonal scenery of Yeonhwasan Mountain and the temple precincts while appreciating exotic Buddhist statues from all over the world.