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    406-33, Pyeonghwa-ro 2910beon-gil, , Dongducheon-si

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Soyosan Mountain

Located in Soyo-dong in the northeast of Dongducheon, the mountain is one of the best places to enjoy fall foliage in the Seoul metropolitan area. Just 5km along National Highway No.3 from Dongducheon City Hall, the mountain is relatively small, but it boasts gorgeous rocky cliffs and pristine valleys. The top of the mountain is encircled by six peaks from Uisangdae Peak (587m) and the top point of the mountain to Habaegundae Peak, Jungbaegundae Peak, Sangbaegundae Peak, Nahandae Peak, and Gongjubong Peak. The mountain is filled with azaleas and royal azaleas in spring, and the valleys of the mountain are great spots to avoid summer heat in a serene setting. Fall foliage is known for flamboyant colors, and, because of that, the mountain used to be called "Gyeonggi's Sogeumgang” (Geumgangsan Mountain).