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    820-96, Haean-ro, Sangnok-gu, Ansan-si

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Ansan Reed Marsh Park

Ansan Reed Marsh Park is constructed in the deepest part of Sihwaho Lake. The waterways of Banwolcheon, Donghwacheon, and Samhwacheon Streams merge and pass through this area, and the water gets purified by aquatic plants and flows to Sihwaho Lake. The impurities contained in the water that flows in the reed wetland are filtered as they pass through between reeds. The microorganisms on the stems of reeds decompose the impurities, and the reeds absorb the contaminants in the water. The Ansan Reed Marsh Park, a famous ecological natural site where some 300,000 tourists visit each year to see the habitat of living organisms, was built to improve the wetland's purification capability.