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Natural Beauty Chungnyeongsan Recreational Forest


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    299, Chungnyeongsan-ro, Sudong-myeon, Namyangju-si

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Chungnyeongsan Recreational Forest

Standing between the borders of Namyangju-si and Gapyeong-gun of Gyeonggi-do, Chungnyeongsan Mountain (886m) is famous for its tall pine tree forest. Many would find it a surprise that the forest was created artificially. The pine tree seedlings were first planted soon after the 1945 Liberation and the forest reached its current size sixty years later. Painted maples, ash trees, and pine trees grow together in harmony in the recreational forest. There are 11 cabins that can accommodate 6-10 people. The Recreational Forest Center has 18 guestrooms, but those who prefer to camp can do so on one of the 46 camping decks. Trekking trails, playgrounds, outdoor gym, and designated cooking areas are also available.