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Natural Beauty Jungmisan Natural Recreation Forest


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    11, Jungmisan-ro, Okcheon-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun

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Jungmisan Natural Recreation Forest

The Jungmisan Natural Recreation Forest, which is managed by the National Recreation Forest Management Office, is set against beautiful mountains and includes camping sites, trails, trekking courses, and lodging facilities. It is a popular attraction as well as a destination for relaxation. The recreation forest is situated in Jungmisan Mountain, which has an altitude of 834 meters above sea level and is densely lush with coniferous trees. The forest becomes so dense in the spring, summer, and fall, that it gets difficult to see the sky. Jungmisan Mountain is located in close proximity to Seoul, but since it is surrounded by high mountains, including Baegunsan Mountain, Yumyeongsan Mountain, and Yongmunsan Mountain, visitors feel as if they are far in the backwoods of Gangwon-do Province. Log cabins that can accommodate four to ten people are scattered throughout the forest, and the nature-learning path, a themed area created at the center of the forest, allows visitors to gain hands-on experiences with their surroundings. The themed forest is designed to provide visitors with opportunities to experience firsthand the healing effects of Mother Nature.