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Natural Beauty Myeongjisan County Park


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    237-3, Dodae-ri, Buk-myeon, Gapyeong-gun

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Myeongjisan County Park

Myeongjisan County Park is perfect for a day trek because the forest is dense and nearby the Seoul metropolitan area. Located 18 km north of Gapyeong-gun Office, the mountain is 1,267 meters above sea level, the second highest in Gyeonggi-do, after Hwaaksan Mountain. It is a relatively high mountain, and looking down from peak will make anyone feel dizzy with excitement. From the top, you can get a stunning panoramic view of the major peaks and other mountains including Gungmangbong Peak, Gwangdeuksan Mountain, Hwaaksan Mountain, and Kalbongsan Mountain. Since the mountain is not very rugged, it’s possible to climb it even in the winter season, when the snow-covered mountain creates a stunning scenery. Autumn foliage can be best appreciated from Ikgeunri Valley to Seungcheonsa Temple and to Myeongji Falls, a section of the mountain dominated by broad-leaved trees. In the spring, azaleas cover the mountain with pink hues. In the summer, Myeongji Valley, which stretches as far as 30 km, becomes the perfect summer retreat for city dwellers who want to escape the heat of the concrete jungle. The most popular trail is a west-east route that starts from Sangpan-ri, which is west of Myeongjisan Mountain. You can reach the top from Sangpan-ri and come down to Ikgeun-ri east of the mountain. The mountain is a good trekking option even for beginners.