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    68, Dunchon-daero, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si

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Moran Traditional Market

Moran Traditional Market offers an unusual scene by holding a folk market in the downtown area near Moran Station, which is similar to Myeongdong Street in Seoul. The market is bustling with people who visit for shopping and food day and night. The vacant lot near the stream at exit no. 5 of Moran Station is usually used as a parking lot and this is the place where people bring products across the nation for the 5-day Market. The “Moran Traditional Market” has a 50-year history that began from a figure called Kim Chang-suk who came to South Korea, leaving her mother alone in Pyeongyang, North Korea. As she was developing the area near the current Moran Market, she named it Moran (meaning Peony Flower) since the area reminded her of Peony Peak in Pyeongyang, making her miss her mother. She then began the “Moran Traditional Market,” which opens every 5 days for people to trade daily goods. Since then, the market was fostered by several people naturally, developing into the largest traditional market today.