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Jungang Market1
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    9, Jungang-ro 285beon-gil, Dongducheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

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Jungang Market is the largest traditional market in Dongducheon, Gyeonggi-do. After the center of Dongducheon City was moved from Dongducheon-dong to Saengyeon-dong in 1967, the market was naturally formed in 1969. Visitors can purchase a wide variety of food and clothes. It is a commercial residential market complex with an area of about 9,900 m². As of 2006, it has 195 stores and six street vendors and it is equipped with a restroom and parking lot with a capacity of 50 cars.

Left: various kinds of foreign sweets including milk caramel, jelly, chocolates,etc. / Middle: dumplings are being fried. / Right: a general store and there are two big bottles of cheese balls.

In October 2005, it was registered as an official market. To update the market with modern facilities, 2.7 billion won was invested. The market has a 330 m-long rainproof facility, and it is operating a Customer Sarangbang (lounge) that is equipped with a housewife chat café, breastfeeding room, children’s playroom, unmanned civil application issue device and computer. Dongducheon Jungang Market Merchant Association is making various efforts to revitalize the market such as by offering free computer classes, free legal and tax consultations and customer-incentive events (six times a year), such as the issuance of traditional market gift certificates (two times a year), gift giveaways (six times a year) and the Hanmaeum Festival.


In 2006, among 1700 traditional markets across the nation, the Market Management Assistance Center of the Small and Medium Business Administration selected 25 markets as model markets which received good scores from the evaluation on the of the market, merchants’ efforts to revitalize their market and capability of operating joint projects. The selected stores received financial support for the operation of the merchant college and merchants received management innovation education from the college. This consists of programs on distribution environment change, sense of innovation, kind services, and product display.