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    153-32, Yesulgongwon-ro, Manan-gu, Anyang-si

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Located in Seoksu-dong (Manan-gu, Anyang), Anyang Waterland is a comprehensive recreational, theme park with state-of-the-art water play facilities. The park relies on pristine water flowing from the deep valleys of Gwanaksan Mountain and Samseongsan Mountain. Equipped with huge indoor pools, the park can be accessed year-round. It is home to a wave pool, flowing water pool, swimming pool, kids’ pool, spa pool, and yellow soil and jade sauna facilities. The most popular facility in the park is an artificial wave pool, making visitors feel that they are in the sea. The swimming pool also offers swimming instruction to visitors. The park is full of restaurants offering diverse, delicious foods and other amenities. The park operates between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. on weekdays (during peak season);its closing time is extended to  8 p.m. on weekends (high peak season)Visitors can also purchase evening pass (admission after 5 p.m.) on weekends