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    43-62, Saeak-gil, Godeok-myeon, Pyeongtaek-si

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Can we be happier if we have a space where children can run as much as they want, clean and clear eco-friendly natural playground without worries about harmful substances? If this kind of space allows all family members to draw closer to each other, will it be better? Baramsae Village in Pyeongtaek-si has a mysterious power. When you visit this village, affection among family members is strengthened. The unique feature of Baramsae Village is that you can experience mud and loess in the paddies, not in the sea. Mud fields are formed from the fundamental mud hidden under the ground of Baramsae Village for at least decades or even hundreds of years. Have fun in the mud field by kneading, rubbing and playing with the mud. If you visit Baramsae Village in the right season, you can also experience eco-friendly organic farming that uses mud snails in the paddies. A farming experience in Baramsae Village, which can’t be experienced in cities, will be an unforgettable memory for children that will enrich their minds and bodies. RAMSAR Park is located at the entrance of Baramsae Village. The artificial ecology wetland was made in accordance with the RAMSAR Convention for ecology education of children. Carp is released in the wetlands so that children can catch fish with their hands. Through a variety of experiences in Baramsae Village, children become one with nature and learn the preciousness of nature, which must be cherished and protected. Baramsae Village is the site to learn about eco-friendly nature.