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    505, Misa-daero, Hanam-si

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The Misari Boat Race Course in Misa-dong, Hanam-si was used for the water sport games including rowing and canoeing during the Asian Games in 1986 and the Seoul Olympics in 1988. The total area is about 1,089,000㎡ and the lake is 330,000㎡ wide. The site was previously an island surrounded by sand and called Misari because the sand was as beautiful as waves. When the Boat Race Course was constructed in 1986, the island was connected to the mainland. The Misari Motorboat Race Course in the Misari Boat Race Course holds motorboat races. Visitors can view dynamic water sports in spring, summer and autumn here. Amateurs can practice racing individually or in groups here. The Misari Boat Race Course is the mecca of water sports representing Korea beyond Hanam-si. There is a variety of sport facilities around the Boat Race Course including a soccer field, foot soccer field, and badminton, volleyball and basketball courts. The broad lawn is perfect for family picnics. It is easy to access because it is close to the Olympic Highway, Jungbu Highway and Paldang Bridge and the parking lot offers ample parking.