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    107, Gyeongmagongwon-daero, Gwacheon-si

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Let's Run Park Seoul in Gwacheon has horse races every weekend as well as various unique experience programs and events to enjoy. The most popular program is the Secret Way Tour, which gives access to parts of the park that are generally closed to the public. The Let's Run Wagon Tour allows participants to experience the excitement building up just right before the start of a race.


In spring, Let's Run Park Seoul blooms with cherry blossoms, making it the perfect place for a spring outing during the Cherry Blossom Festival. Other seasonal festivals take place throughout the year.

Only those who have been to a horse race know the excitement and thrill of watching a race. Horse races are held every weekend at Let's Run Park Seoul, which has facilities for up to 1,400 horses. Why not try betting on a horse if you’re feeling lucky. This park is not just for horseracing enthusiasts! You can see, touch, ride, and feed horses from around the world at Pony Land inside the Park.


Filming s for :

Movie - "Lump Sugar (2006)," "Grand Prix (2010)"

Drama - "Mother's Garden (2014)"


Activity Information

[Secret Way Tour]

- Operating hours: Daily 10:00 / 11:00 / 13:00 / 14:00 / 15:00 (approx. 1hr.)

* Closed during winter (Dec.~Feb.) / Summer (Aug.~Sept.): Operating at 11:00~18:00

- Fee: KRW 5,000 (ages 2 and up)

- Program: Guided tour and experience

* Advanced inquiry required for groups of 20 people or more

- Inquiries: +82-2-509-1101 (10:00~16:00)

Available Facilities

[Race Track Facilities] Grandstands (Happy Ville / Lucky Ville)

* Members-only room (charged): Lucky Ville 5~6F (International members-only room "Champion Suite" Lucky Ville 5F)

* Nol Lounge: Happy Ville 1F

Additional amenities

* Equine Museum (inquiries: +82-2-509-1275)

Reservation Info. for Natives: Members-only rooms (Lucky Ville 5~6F) available for reservation

Interpretation Services Offered: Information Desk - Lucky Ville 1F/Exclusive Room - Lucky Ville 5F

Reservation Info. for Foreigners: Exclusive room at Lucky Ville 5F ("Champions Suite" inquiries +82-2-509-2329)

Baby Stroller Rentals: Available (10 strollers / free)