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Suwon Kt wiz Park1
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    893, Gyeongsu-daero, Jangan-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do

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The Suwon Kt wiz Park, its fomer name of Suwon Baseball Stadium, is the part of the Suwon Sports Complex and was built for the National Sports Festival held in Suwon in 1989. It was the home stadium of the Hyundai Unicorns until disbanding the team in 2007 and after that, used as the stadium for the amateur. Kt Wiz professional baseball team founded in 2013 had the home stadium here by Suwon city in a capacity of 20,106 seats.

An open view of the huge Suwon Kt wiz Park from the sky at night. There is a sign 'alleh GIGA WiFi' and lots of people wathcing a baseball game.

Suwon Kt Wiz Park is now the home of the Kt Wiz Suwon City Facilities Management Corporation is the team owner while Kt has the right of using the stadium free of charge and its name during 25 years.