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    89, Sutaek-dong, Geombae-ro 200, Guri-si

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Guri Insects Ecology Museum

Appearing silent, insects make slight movements. They may be hard for us to observe, but insects that emerged 400 million years ago still change and evolve. Their adaptation to the environment is surprisingly flexible, and insects are everywhere around the world. We are often appalled by insects that are sometimes invisible or squirming. They are the smallest group of animals and boast the largest population on Earth, buttressing our ecosystem. The museum offers not only environmental education, but also opportunities for visitors to observe insects. Free admission is also an added benefit to visit the museum. Located inside the Guri Sewage Treatment Plant, the museum was built to promote insects residing in the Hangang River and their ecosystem. Serving as a small, but local amenity, the museum provides visitors with fascinating natural experiences.