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Gallery&Museum Chung Hak Dae Museum of Contemporary Art (Anseong)


Chung Hak Dae Museum of Contemporary Art (Anseong)1
Chung Hak Dae Museum of Contemporary Art (Anseong)2
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    183, Samheung-ro, Geumgwang-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do

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Opened on December 31, 1998, the museum is located next to Geumgwang Lake. It is a kind of gallery café equipped with an art museum and a cafe. On the wide grassplot in front of the building, sculptures are being exhibited, forming a sculpture garden in harmony with the scenery of Geumgwang Lake. The area is 3,302㎡, and the first floor is a café and the second floor is an art museum. Collected artworks consist of 134 pieces of Oriental and Western paintings. Under the philosophy of the founder who wanted to form harmony between the gallery and its surrounding space centering on Geumgwang Reservoir in Anseong, the museum was remodeled and reopened in March 2015.

A front view of Chung Hak Dae Museum of Contemporary Art with a beautiful garden.

The area is a famous dating course along with Geumgwang Lake. It takes about 40 minutes by car from Seoul. Nearby is a complex cultural experience courtyard consisting of Anseong Cultural Village and Cultural School “dalpeng2.” Experience the farm and homestay facilities.