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Gallery&Museum Blume Museum of Contemporary Art


Blume Museum of Contemporary Art1
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    59-30, Heyrimaeul-gil, Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

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The Blume Museum of Contemporary Art (BMOCA) was opened in Heyri Art Village in April 2013. BMOCA interprets the contemporary art field by presenting art according to specialized themes, and it is communicating with the local community and the general public by operating various educational programs.


It is introducing contemporary art under the theme of architecture created with the harmony of nature and humans and is offering the interpretation of contemporary art and the venue of experiences through a children’s educational program titled “Big Tree Within the Museum of Art.”  By succeeding the philosophy of artist Baik Soon-shil, it is interpreting contemporary art through communication with various genres such as experiments with specialized themes, materials, and media as well as with spatial exploration, literature, and music.

Left: an exterior front view of Blume Museum of Contemporary Art./ Middle: a beige side wall of Blume Museum of Contemporary Art./ right: there are lots of pictures exhibited in the museum.