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Filming Wootdari Cultural Village in Pyeongtaek


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    438-14, Yongsogeumgak-ro, Seotan-myeon, Pyeongtaek-si

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 Wootdari Cultural Village in Pyeongtaek A formerly abandoned elementary school, due to lack of students and military-imposed development restrictions, was transformed into the Wootdari Cultural Village. The village, created in 2006, replaced the Geumgak Branch School of Seotan Elementary School, which was closed in 2000. Initiated by Pyeongtaek Cultural Center, the village serves as a cultural space and offers diverse cultural and art programs to visitors. Through these programs, visitors learn how to make Jangseung (human face-shaped guardian poles established at the entry of a village or a temple in the hope of prosperity) and Sotdae (pillars established for folk belief purposes or celebratory events). Visitors can also nurture farms with donated animals. The village houses an elegant museum decorated with antique desks, chairs, stoves, and school uniforms, reminding visitors of their forgotten school days. Its playground nurtures 60 animals of 15 different species from ostriches to pigs, ducks, and deer, making the village a cozy place for visitors. One of the fun things to do for those camping in the village is that they can enjoy participating in diverse cultural and art programs. Local residents as well as professional artists teach year-round programs from Making Sotdae to Making Pottery and Hanji (Korean traditional paper) Crafting. Other traditional, cultural programs include Learning Wootdari Nongak (farm music), Experiencing Natural Dyeing, and Making Traditional Food. The village has appeared in many Korean TV programs including Running Man and Infinite Challenge, popular programs among Hallyu fans around the world.