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    139, Geumdang 5-ri, Ganam-eup, Yeoju-si

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 Euna Farm A fun reality TV program Dad!, Where Are We Going?, showcased Euna Farm, a breathtaking grassland. During the program, children, with their star fathers, enjoyed milking cows, making cheese and pizza, and staying in the cozy pension within the farm. Euna Farm offers three-step programs so that visitors can experience milking cows, making yogurt and cheese with the milk, participate in diverse on-site programs using pizza and cheese, and stay overnight in the pension. Euna Farm started with three milk cows in 1983 and nurturing milk cows on 70,000 square meters. Some cows are devoted to producing milk which is shipped to a top milk brand - Yonsei Milk. Milk produced from other cows serves as materials for on-site programs and for making dairy products within the farm. The farm also raises diverse animals like sheep, geese, black pigs, and Korean chickens for the pleasure and experience of visitors.