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Filming Goguryeo Blacksmith's Village


Goguryeo Blacksmith's Village1
Goguryeo Blacksmith's Village2
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    41, Uminae-gil, Guri

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The splendid culture and the vast territory of Goguryeo would not have been possible without the flourishing ironware culture. Driven by the maturation of the Iron Age, Goguryeo is remembered as a period when Korea boasted the largest territory in its history. It boasted one of the strongest powers in Northeast Asia. The ironware culture of Goguryeo is reborn in the Goguryeo Blacksmith's Village (on Achasan Mountain). Goguryeo is the part of Korean history that children love. But, due to the division of the two Koreas, there are not many places in South Korea that show traces of Goguryeo.This village is one of the few places to show glimpses of Goguryeo. Emerged as a film studio for the popular Korean drama Taewangsasingi (Legend), the village (2,990m2) is the only place to experience Goguryeo culture in the Seoul metropolitan area. Achasan Mountain, surrounding the village, is also home to the Achasanseong Fortress and over 80 sentry posts, the latter of which were built after Goguryeo took over the Hangang River. The Hangang River was the strategic place that three kingdoms—Goguryeo, Baekje, and Silla—fought hard to occupy. Through posts, visitors can see from the south of the Hangang River to the north, ranging from Jungnangcheon Stream to Dobongsan Mountain and Samgaksan Mountain. That is why the Hangang River was the most important strategic point for Goguryeo to survey Baekje and Silla, which were located to the south of the Hangang River.