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Filming Dumulmeori


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    Yangsu-ri, Yangseo-myeon, Yangpyeong-si

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Dumulmeroi refers to the place where the Bukhangang River from Geumgangsan Mountain and the Namhangang River from Geomnyongso on the outskirts of Geumdaebong Peak (Gangwon-do) meet. Also called Yangsuri, the site refers to the area centered on the dock for an ancient-style ferry. Having appeared in numerous Korean dramas and movies, the site is particularly popular as a wedding photo spot. In the past, the dock and its neighboring area flourished because it connected Jeongseon (of Gangwon-do) and Danyang (of Chungcheongbuk-do) as well as Ttukseom Island and Mapo Dock. But the construction of Paldang Dam helped create many land routes, and Dumulmeori began to experience decline. Once Paldang Dam was completed in 1973, the nearby area was designated as a greenbelt, and fishing as well as shipbuilding became prohibited, leading to the death of the dock. Although the site is private property, beautiful fog in the morning, the rich historical heritage, and willows along the river have made it a popular place for wedding photography as well as filming dramas, movies, and advertisements. It is also a popular site for members of photo clubs. Winter landscapes as well as sunsets are known to be particularly beautiful.