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    339-10 Hyeonmun-ro, Yeoncheon-eup, Yeoncheon-si

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The story of Royal Residence began when the house of Yi Geun (called Yeomgeundang House), the grandson of King Gojong (reigning between 1863 and 1907) was relocated here from Myeongnyun-dong in June 2008. The re decision was made by Dr. Nam Gwon-hui, who maintained a strong interest in Hanok (traditional Korean house) from a young age. Relocated on a site as large as 9,000m2, it took over five months for experts in Hanok to dissemble the original house and 27 months to reassemble it. The re would not have been possible without the dedication of everyone involved to promote the superiority of Hanok. In front of the residence is the Hantangang River, encircling the Yeoncheon Plains, and behind it is Jaeunsan Mountain. Steeped in nature, the residence embodies the best of what Hanok can offer, attracting many visitors to the residence with rich heritage.