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    139, Daeya 2-ro, Gunpo-si

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Imagine there is an astronomical observatory near our home. Imagine, also, that it is located on top of our neighborhood library. Located on the roof (5th floor) of Daeya Library in Gunpo, Nuri (meaning "world" in Korean) the observatory consists of the Planetarium, Astronomical Observation Room, 4D Visual Hall, and Universe Experience Hall, introducing visitors to the world of stars. It is relatively small, but the observatory offers many observation programs. Children can observe black spots of the sun and solar flares through telescopes during the day or stars at night. The observatory also offers an added advantage to visitors. During their observations, visitors with questions about stars, the moon, and the sun may go downstairs and find many useful books in Daeya Library. The travel to the universe and enjoying relevant books are distinct advantages of visiting the observatory. Why not take a trip to the observatory with your family members today and enjoy the vast universe?