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    307, Wangsongmotdong-gil, Uiwang-si

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Talk about plants, flowers, trees and birds with your children on a picnic in a place where we can appreciate the gifts of nature. Uiwang Natural Park around Wangsong Lake in Wolam-dong, Uiwang, Gyeonggi-do was built on an area of 57,724㎡ in 2002. It is one of the best sites to have a picnic with friends and family and to experience the ecology while enjoying a delicious lunch and viewing the calm Wangsong Lake and beautiful lotus flowers. Uiwang Natural Park is designated as a LOHAS park, a healthy park that implements no smoking and no drinking to preserve the natural environment and the health of citizens. Visitors may feel like they are entering a well-arranged garden at the entrance of the park. The wetlands, where guests can observe a variety of aquatic organisms and marshy vegetation, a wading pool with waterwheel and brooklet, an observatory for observing the birds that visit Wangsong Lake, a mini zoo with animals most-loved by children, a Natural Forest Trail, Mud Trail, Flower Trail, Nut Tree Forest, and Information Center wait for you.