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    659, Gongnyong-ro, Songsan-myeon, Hwaseon-si

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The Dinosaur Eggs Fossil Site (Hwaseong-si Dinosaur Eggs Fossil Site) is in Songsan-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do. A number of dinosaur eggs were found from the sedimentary layer of the Cretaceous period in the Mesozoic Era on the tideland south of Sihwaho Lake during a basic survey of the site in 1999. It is estimated that the dinosaur eggs that have been found are from ornithopods, including the duck-billed dinosaur, and Sauropods, with four legs and long neck and tail, in accordance with the profile of the egg shells. Silicified plant fossils including reeds with stem nodes in the wetland were found in this site. Thus, it may be possible to restore the feeding and breeding environment of the dinosaurs here. This site boosted research on dinosaurs in the paleontology world in Korea, which depended only on dinosaur footprint fossils in the past, and became an opportunity to acknowledge the Korean peninsula as a world-class dinosaur fossil site in the world. Thus, leading researchers from around the world have been rushing to Hwaseong-si to see the egg fossil site. The cultural heritage guides provide interesting explanation and guide tourists who stay at the site.