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Theme Park Pyeongtaekho Tourist Site


Pyeongtaekho Tourist Site1
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    159, Pyeongtaekho-gil, Hyeondeok-myeon, Pyeongtaek-si

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    +82-31-8024-8687 (Pyeongtaekho Tourist Information Center)

Pyeongtaekho Tourist Site

Pyeongtaekho is an artificial lake that was formed when the Asan Seawall was built between Pyeongtaek-si and Asan-si in Chungcheongnam-do in 1973. Its official name is Asanho Lake; the lake under Pyeongtaek-si’s jurisdiction is called Pyeongtaekho. A walk along the waterside deck offers an open view of the entire lake and exposure to a pleasantly cool breeze. In summer, an underwater fountain blasts a jet of water 105m into the air, while in fall the area becomes immersed in vivid autumnal colors, making the perimeter of the lake a great place to take a stroll. There are over forty restaurants within the Pyeongtaekho Tourist Site, the most popular menus being raw fish, noodle soup with seafood, and other seafood dishes. All of the restaurants offer generous portions of fresh seafood. Other facilities include a farm, theme park, and lakeside café.