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    (63-1, Sinjang-ri) 100, Neorigul-gil, Bogae-myeon, Anseong-si

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Neorigul Culture village

Located at the foot of Bibongsan Mountain, Neorigul Culture Village and its beautiful wooden buildings stand in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment and various art works. Neorigul is a word of the Anseong dialect meaning “wide valley”. The name derives from the fact that the mountain range which starts from Heaven Lake on Mount Baekdu has become a wide valley (neorigul) at the foot of Bibongsan Mountain, which is at the very end of the Charyeong Mountain Range. A large area (661,157m2) of the village consists of exhibition spaces such as the Gallery, Art Shop, Sculpture Park, Inlay Museum, and outdoor stage; culture and art experience venues such as the Metal Workshop, Natural Soap Workshop, and Pottery Workshop; as well as Mother’s Ranch, and Animal Farm.