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    287, Dongseo-ro, Siheung-si

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Gaetgol Eco Park

Gaetgol Eco Park has an inner bay tidal channel that is rarely found in the world. The inner bay tidal channel is a wetland formed on an inland area. This wetland reveals itself during low tides, which occur twice a day. Since it resembles the appearance of a live meandering snake, it is also called Snake Gaetgol. Owing to its ecological significance, this tidal channel has been designated as a national wetland protection zone in February 2012. Walking along the path, visitors can observe salt plants such as Suaeda japonica Makino, Suaeda glauca (Bunge) Bunge, and Salicornia herbacea as well as various other wetland living organisms including red-clawed fiddler crab and estuarine grapsid crab. In winter when migratory birds come back to Korea, visitors can see wild geese or mallard ducks that gather at this tidal channel.