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    198, Geumsan-dong, Anseong-si

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Solbat Park

The neighborhood park in Geumsan-dong was created in 1992, but became a hangout for delinquents because it was left poorly managed. In 2009, the city government spent a total of 600 million won to breathe new life and transform the park into a space for citizens to come and rest. During the renovation, the pitch pines that were previously planted in the park were replaced with pine trees indigenous to Korea. In addition, a play park, fountain, exercise equipment, and resting lounges were newly installed. Also on exhibition is a sculpture of a radish, a gift from Yonghe City, Taiwan with which Anseong City established a sisterhood relationship. It is a Chinese custom to give radishes to celebrate a happy occasion as a token of wishing well. Topiary artworks that reveal the Dragon Dance, a traditional performance native to Yonghe City, were also exhibited to create an exotic space within the park. Anseong Public Library is a user-friendly facility where citizens and students come to read in addition to enjoying various activities.