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Theme Park Seongho Park (Danwon Sculpture Park)


 Seongho Park (Danwon Sculpture Park)1
 Seongho Park (Danwon Sculpture Park)2
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    113, Seongho-ro, Sangnok-gu, Ansan-si

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Seongho Park (Danwon Sculpture Park)

Seongho Park covers parts of three administrative districts including Bugok-dong, Seongpo-dong, and I-dong. It offers a combination of trails that are regularly maintained, artworks, and leisure facilities. A total of 43 different varieties of trees, shrubs and flowering plants grow on an area that spans 507,625㎡. The park changes colors according to the season. In the spring, cherry blossoms attract large crowds and the park turns green in the summer. The foliage changes color in the fall, and the park is covered in white snow in the winter. The park includes a soccer field, a roller skating arena, and play areas, which make the park an ideal place for couples, friends, and families to spend time together and have fun. It is also great for people to enjoy books or music and get lost in thought. The park operates the Book Cart Library where visitors can check out books and volunteers can read to children. The park’s Danwon Sculpture Plaza exhibits artworks by well-known artists and sculptures that won awards at the Danwon Arts Contest. The park is also great for families and children because it connects directly to Seongho Memorial Hall, the tomb of Seongho Yi Ik, Ansan Botanical Garden, and Nojeokbong Falls.