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    399, Baegun-ro, Hagui-dong, Uiwang-si

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Herb Enjoy Lavender Farm

Located by Baegun Lake in Hagui-dong, Uiwang-si, the Herb Enjoy Lavender Farm grows and harvests a wide variety of herbs and is one of the finest facilities. The farm features lavender that is grown on the herb farm in Gangwon-do and produces natural facial toners, cleansing products, essential oils, and herbal soaps, which are popular. The farm also includes a cultivation garden and an educational vinyl house where visitors can learn about herbs through hands-on programs. Lavender and other herb varieties, as well as indoor air-cleaning plants are available for sale at the cultivation garden. Visitors can also make their own herbal soaps, ointments, and cosmetic products at the vinyl house. The experiential programs are available only to groups of ten or more. Upon registering as a member of the farm, you can receive the gift of the month after your second visit.